After we crossed the end of our ‘first 12 years (12 signifying to us government of God)’ and are now heading into our 2nd set of 12 years, we have felt the Lord speaking some fresh hope and vision over our families.  TDA 2.0 is about us as families together, not just as students doing school together.  It’s about raising up mighty families who are strong and able to bring influence and reform.

We believe the Lord is going to unlock some real keys for us as families and as a community in the days ahead.  We realize that the battle over our families is strong, BUT GOD is even stronger.  Many are facing some real challenges now, but God is going to meet us over the months ahead.  Part of our plan to head this way is our 4 Parent Summits that we are doing this year.   We want to go on a journey together, hear from each other, pray into what the Lord is saying, and more.

God wants to build each of our family legacies for the generations to come. Some parents are the first in your family to know Jesus and so you build a firm foundation.  Other parents have a long history of godly ancestors. As parents, we all do a lot of things right by His grace and a lot of things wrong out of our lack of understanding, but by His faithfulness our kids will stand on our shoulders.  And as they are starting their own families, we pray they will do a better job than we did which is SO EXCITING!  There is a blessing that is imparted and that grows with each generation.  So wherever we start, we get to build out for our kids a better expression than where we grew up.

Jonathan and Emily Lee are going to facilitate these Summits. We are going to begin by talking about some KEY building blocks for our families including godly family order (not swinging to either the permissive side of parenting or the overbearing, religious side).  We also want to talk about building a unique ‘family altar’….what could it look like and how should we build.

We believe there are many Daniel Families out there and our desire is to encourage you too. So watch this space to hear more. Better still, why not come on the journey together with us!