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Our desire for our high school students is to see them prepared academically, emotionally and spiritually for their next life chapter through weekly assemblies and an extensive class offering. Just as Daniel in the Old Testament was a shining light in Babylon, equipped with earthly wisdom and spiritual discernment, we desire our students to be likewise equipped as modern-day Daniels to walk out their callings with both natural and spiritual wisdom.

Seniors at TDA

Senior Year at TDA is quite the intense discipleship year. In addition to their academic classes, Bible classes, they are required to take Senior Foundations. This class is based on Psalm 139, helping them recognize how uniquely and purposefully they were knitted together in their mother’s womb. In this class, they package and preach their life message (or a word of their testimony which will help them overcome Rev. 12:11); do a venn diagram of their Giftedness Set: natural abilities, acquired skills, and spiritual gifts; and put together their Senior Portfolio so these discoveries are all together in one place. 

They are also required to do a weekly 4-hour senior internship in an area of their choice. They will graduate with this internship experience and are able to see if this is an area of influence they will like to pursue further. Internships vary from being in a hospital, business opportunities, digital skills and music production, to working under artists. We launch and graduate our seniors with a strong sense of who they are created to be, ready to be a light in their next step in life!

Engineering Practicum

We have started a real-life engineering practicum for our 9th-11th graders!  Four of our wonderful HS teachers have been brainstorming and planning on a way to get our students some hands-on, real world experience in gaining a taste of what engineers could do.  Our practicum is a fun, problem-solving, hands-on time together. Read More


In addition to the basic core competencies, we offer extended classes and tracks in a variety of areas to allow students to experience many different things, ranging from courses in entrepreneurialism and finance, to theater, art and music, music production and more.

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"I am So thankful for The Daniel Academy...

I finished my senior year and have attended since the founding in 2007. At this school, the teachers and faculty have encouraged me in my leadership and academic abilities. They have modeled true Christ-like leadership, encouraging the students to follow Jesus’ teachings. I highly recommend this school to any K-12th grader!”  –TH – Graduate

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