I am SO thankful for The Daniel Academy. I am in my senior year and have attended since the founding in 2007. At this school, the teachers and faculty have encouraged me in my leadership and academic abilities. They have modeled true Christ-like leadership, encouraging the students to follow Jesus’ teachings. I highly recommend this school to any K-12th grader! –TH, Student

My children have been students at The Daniel Academy since 2008 and I have been a teacher there since 2009. I can’t say enough to recommend this school both as a parent and as a teacher.
You will never find a better school! –SP, Parent

I have taught at The Daniel Academy from 2011-present (2013), and am continually amazed at what the Lord is doing in and through this school. I have seen the school and administration from a casual perspective as a volunteer in 2011, and now am involved in many of the day-to-day activities as a teacher and member of various extra-curricular programs. I have rarely seen such gracious and caring leadership in my professional experience, and continue to work at The Daniel Academy because of the quality of people I am around on a daily basis. The love of the administration and staff are visibly evident in the Prayer, Consecration, Friendships, and Excellence of the students they lead. There is something very special going on at TDA, and I am honored to be a part of it. –JE, Teacher

As a parent of a TDA graduate, and 2 current high students, I can’t say enough positives about our TDA experience! Our children have loved learning and growing in this environment with their marvelous comrades and the excellent faculty. TDA has become an important part of our family history together. –TH, Parent

I first heard of The Daniel Academy as a teacher, school program developer, and parent of three living in the beautiful state of Washington. After visiting TDA several times, I knew that this was the type of educational experience I was searching for for my children…so much so that my husband and I packed up our family and moved 2000 miles to Kansas City to be a part of TDA. I have not been disappointed, and believe that move was one of the best decisions we have made for our kids. The wonderful staff and teachers, values and character that have been modeled, encouraged and allowed to flourish there have been worth their weight in gold. My high school girls have been challenged to think deeply about critical issues, and to develop concern for others in ways that have shaped their world view. They have discovered a greater awareness of who they are as individuals and where their strengths and giftings lie. My oldest daughter will be graduating in the spring and the quality of education she has received has been made evident as she has been offered substantial scholarships to the colleges she wants to attend. Even more important, I believe she will carry a heart that is grounded in the knowledge of Christ’s love for her, His presence within her, and a desire to let that impact the world around her. Thank you, TDA, for helping establish that within her. –JC, Parent

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