As we move into the huge plans that God has for our school in the future, we have found ourselves in need of both financial and spiritual revival. We are currently moving through a somewhat uncomfortable and very uncertain transition phase and are asking for $250,000 to sustain us for the next year and a half. After receiving this first wave of donations, we are looking to raise another $3 million to start building out TDA 2.0 and the Hope District (see our TDA 2.0 article). Donors are being sought out; the admin is furiously brainstorming ways to make money, and funds are desperately needing to be raised.


In the midst of the craziness, Bob Hartley, the man who originally met with the angel that relayed the idea of a “Daniel 9:23 school,” randomly threw out the idea of starting 90 days of thanksgiving. Unbeknownst to him, 90 days would land us in mid-February, which is actually the deadline for the $250,000.

In response, the entire school is participating in these 90 days of thanksgiving. Every morning assembly starts with 5-10 students thanking Jesus for different aspects of the school or different ways that the school has affected and blessed them. The families have been asked to continue this thanksgiving at home, over the weekend. 

We are about two-thirds of the way through our 90 days, and we are watching in wonder as God brings in the funds and changes the entire atmosphere of the school in direct response to our thankfulness. 

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