Seasons of Hiddenness

Hi Parents!  I wanted to send something that I wrote to encourage our amazing moms at The Daniel Academy, but also include the dads so they get a better glimpse into motherhood.

Motherhood in many ways is a hidden season.  It can feel very isolating at times.  I remember thinking the Lord had surely passed me by because I couldn’t continue to do the activities I used to do. There was a constant wrestling with God about if this was really what He wanted for my life.  My days felt small and mostly insignificant.  I’m not entirely sure what I had envisioned for my life, but staying home alone with little ones was much harder than I thought it would be.

The early baby and toddler years are exhausting.  Physically, moms are always moving –  chasing a little one, picking up, changing clothes, setting boundaries, disciplining and starting all over again.  While it is so rewarding to see our children growing and learning, it can also be wearying.  I remember wanting to somehow use my BRAIN which seemed to be entirely gone.   I wanted to seek the Lord and be part of what He was doing in the earth  – and was pretty sure motherhood wasn’t part of that!  I wanted to be around people and love and know them but finding times for this felt hard to coordinate.  I wanted to learn about new topics and work on interesting things but I felt always tired and behind.  And this was just the beginning of parenting. 😊

New seasons came one after another (I remember asking the Lord many times where the parenting handbook was!) – with new things to know, new ways to be stretched, new boundaries to set, new growth and learning, new questions and concerns.   Each season has its own rhythm and focus, joys and hardships, but all have a common “hiddenness factor”. 

Hiddenness can feel so unique.  Sometimes it feels wonderful like cuddling up on a snowy day.  But it can also feel lonely and isolating.  It’s easy for our minds to go down unfruitful trails and to lose perspective and the big picture.  It’s hard to see the fruit of our labors in each season and stay encouraged.  

But I want to promise you that the Lord is doing great things in our hearts in these hidden seasons. He really is with us – each and every day.  It is His GOOD PLEASURE to give us the kingdom…..meaning His presence and joy in our homes, His wisdom to train up our children, His purpose and perspective in our seasons. He is teaching us how to be led by Him.  He is watching over His words to perform them.  He is not missing one thing that concerns us and He is RIGHT THERE.  Moms, you WILL see the fruit of your labors.

I would encourage you to add 1 thing to your daily routines that is not hard to do but require a yes in our hearts each day.  When you go to check social media for a break, instead open the Word and pull out just one scripture to think on.  Let it be one you meditate on all day (or several days).  Ask the Lord about what He is speaking to you through this.  How can you pray and apply this word? This small discipline will yield great fruit over the years.  It will train your mind and heart.  And it will grow a place in our hearts that is meant to expand in the hidden seasons.  

Hiddenness doesn’t last forever.  The Lord has other great things ahead in your future.  But our training now in this hidden place is the entire foundation that He will build upon.  Don’t despise the journey as you are raising up mighty ones.  Thank Him daily for His training camp designed especially for you to become the best version of who you were created to be!