TDA 2.0

The Hope District
Who Are We?

Our hope and vision is to see God raise up a generation of leaders, who will transform the heart of our country. In the book of Daniel, the Bible gives us the archetypical reformer, a bearer of light in a world of darkness. The Daniel Academy is a school dedicated to the raising up of these modern day ‘kings’ and ‘queens’. God is calling a generation of students to stand, when everyone else is bowing down; to live set apart and wholly committed to God, fully equipped and ready to bring God’s heart and Kingdom into every sphere of society.


For 12 glorious years, we have labored to build a school that could do it all: academics, worship, Bible, and marvelous comrades. We have educated more than 1200 students and have graduated 146 amazing seniors. For these next 12 years, and beyond, we feel God giving us TDA 2.0, an entire UPGRADE and REVISIONING to what we are currently doing. We are beyond excited to see how God is going to lead us these next 12 years!


The HOPE District

We believe the founding of a HOPE District is a critical component of TDA 2.0. Six years ago, God gave us an opportunity to purchase 18 acres of land. Now, is the time to begin building on it. We are dreaming of a new home and center for community. The HOPE District is: a gym, rec center, and athletic facility, a drama theater, a digital platform, a health clinic, a recording studio, a garage for auto services, a collaboration work space, a library, restaurants and retail, an afterschool program, and a business incubator. The HOPE District is also: a home away from home, a hub for families to find community, a space for Daniels to make their marvelous comrades…all in the context of HOPE and what God is doing across the land.

Fundraising Efforts

We believe God is leading us to work the land unto sustainable fruitfulness, but in order to get there, we need to embark on our largest fundraising effort to date. We are casting the vision of TDA 2.0 and the HOPE District, and asking for you to partner with us, for the long haul!

Two Ways For You to Partner With Us
  • Give to our Dream Fund. We are looking to build a 3 million dollar capital fund. We have a short term goal of raising $250,000 by mid-February of 2020. This will ensure us enough runway to get through the 2021 school year. But the main goal for this round is to raise 3 million dollars to really start building.
  • Commit to becoming a Daniel Legacy Partner. We are believing for God to install 200 partners who will commit to give on a monthly basis. This can be a portion of your tithes and offerings, and will go towards operational costs, team development, and building improvements.


Years Established


Dream Goal

For More Info About Our Vision

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