A huge thank you to all our parents and teachers for working so hard and so creatively to make this day such fun! The research and ideas, and the great questions asked by the students demonstrated that much valuable learning went on throughout this exercise.

Here is a word from our Dean of Elementary,      Mrs Edmondson

“Yesterday’s Science Fair was such a wonderful success.  The students were very engaged and excited to share all they had learned.  The staff and I were so impressed with the creativity that went into each project.  I want to give a special thank you to Liza Terry and to Christie Jessee for heading up this fun-filled event.  What a marvelous way to learn scientific principles!

The Kindergarten, First and Second grade classes did group Science Fair projects this year.  The students were happy to be involved.  The Kindergarteners experimented with leavening in pancakes by taste testing pancakes with and without leavening.  The Second graders experimented on several types of objects to determine which would float the best.  The Third graders experimented with a trebuchet and determined what substance would travel the furthest.

Third, Fourth and Fifth grade did more projects.  The third graders did 3 group projects: What gum kept it’s flavor the longest; a test with Magnetism, and a Peroxide experiment with foaming outcomes.  The fourth and fifth graders each did an individual experiment which turned out excellent!”

First Place went to Sarah Yap (5th grade) – Topic: Boys vs Girls Memory

Second Place went to Jackson Morgan (4th grade) – Topic: Do Air Filters filter well?

Third Place went to Madison Fox (5th grade) – Topic: What area of TDA is the dirtiest and Grows Most Bacteria?

Congratulations to all our young scientists!