At the Daniel Academy, at the beginning of our next 12 years, we want to prepare ourselves to persevere in faith, faithfulness, servanthood, plus carrying and passing on the vision for as long as it takes.

What is Perseverance

…you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise…(Heb. 10:36)

One Greek translation for the word perseverance means patience, constancy, or waiting. It means to faithfully keep on walking towards the goal despite our outward circumstance or the length of time it takes to receive the promises of God. At TDA it means always believing and acting upon the vision that we are preparing young people filled with the Spirit of Jesus to be launched into the heart of the culture.  

Whatever occupation they pursue, they are called to carry His presence, faithfully shine His light through their words and actions, and to remain faithful even when they cannot see change, trusting His promises WILL come to pass. For them perseverance will mean standing firm and true, anchored to the word of God in the middle of cultural upheavals, storms and winds of change.


Teachers and Perseverance

  • Perseverance includes never giving up on a student who we find ourselves in varying degrees of conflict with. It means never writing off a student but sincerely seeking the Lord’s heart and to see them as He does.
  • It also means not giving up searching for a way to accommodate their particular learning style within a varied and complicated classroom environment.
  • Perseverance will dramatically impact the way we speak and even think about every student; as we partner with the Master Teacher, both to seek after and to implement His dynamic, unique and creative solutions.
  • Above all, perseverance in the mundane, the maddening, and the mistreatment teachers always face, will always entail the wisdom spoken many years ago by a faithful 83 year old Sunday School teacher,  “Every day, come what may, read and pray.”
  • Finally teachers, persevere in remembering that God is with you – God is for you. Your greatest success will be found in living before His eyes; esteeming His pleasure above all others.

Next Week – Part 2 – Parents and Perseverance