At the Daniel Academy, at the beginning of our next 12 years, we want to prepare ourselves to persevere in faith, faithfulness, servanthood, carrying and passing on our God-given vision for as long as it takes.

What is Perseverance

…you have need of endurance, so that after you have done the will of God, you may receive the promise…(Heb. 10:36)

Last week we talked about some of the ways teachers can apply this amazing Scripture. This week we want to encourage parents and students! Each of us is called to persevere in our own unique set of circumstances. Thank God, He is with us; He will help us!

Parents and Perseverance

It is true that each and every parenting situation is unique; no other parent has gone before you or has to deal with the specific set of circumstances and challenges you face. At times you feel like life has set you up to fail. Remember that there is a story that is higher than life; a personal Heavenly Father, intimately acquainted with all your ways. He has set you up to succeed! 


  • As parents with unique challenges you will not feel qualified for, remember that you are not alone. Persevere in sharing ALL your parenting woes, wisdoms, triumphs and tragedies with our Lord Jesus.
  • Remember that He has a plan for your family; He calls it partnership. As you lean, trust, pray, and do your best, He can make the wrong things right. He can take you through the valley of the shadow of death. He can carry you when your own strength gives out and you can do nothing but give in. He can accomplish ALL His perfect plans for you and your children.
  • Persevere in looking up to Jesus, crying out to Him in prayer, opening up your heart to His love so you can pass it on to your children, and trusting in His good and gracious words, spoken over each of their lives.
  • Practice persevering in prevailing faith in good and bad times alike, pressing into His knowledge, wisdom and experience as a perfect parent.
  • Most important, persevere in seeking Him out, whatever the culture around you is doing or saying. Don’t give up, don’t give in, if you don’t quit, you win!!* God is abundantly able to complete the good work He has begun in your family’s life. 

* Turn it All Around by Misty Edwards

Students and Perseverance

Following are some ways we can stand firm and true, anchored to the word of God in the middle of cultural upheavals, storms and winds of change.

  • While in school, refuse to believe any negative words spoken over you. Instead ask your parents to remind you of God’s words spoken over you. Don’t stop treasuring these and every other good and encouraging word a friend, teacher or parent has ever spoken over you.

  • Persevere with your studies. When you struggle with a concept or problem, persevere in opening up to Holy Spirit and asking for His help. Just because you don’t see fruit in a day, a month or even a year, don’t give up!  
  • Persevere in seeking the Lord for the gifts He has given you.  However easy or difficult your classes seem to you, believe that in Jesus, you ARE successful. He does not compare you with anyone else. He has a perfect plan for your life and you will love what He has made you for.
  • Persevere in believing God’s words spoken in Scripture, no matter what those around you say or what they believe. Don’t give up on the word of God.
  • Persevere in demonstrating your love for Jesus by obeying His words. It may take some time, but you will NEVER regret the time you gave to Jesus or the times you obeyed His word.
  • Above all, persevere in prayer:  prayers of adoration, repentance, thanksgiving, intercession, believing that God hears and God WILL answer. Be patient when it seems like He is taking a long time to answer you. It doesn’t mean He hasn’t heard!