In mid January we invited some educators both from other parts of America and locally to gather together here in Kansas City.

We prayed and discussed the Lord’s heart for what we are together calling Kingdom Education, realizing that different schools carry unique parts of the Lord’s heart that will benefit their peers in other Christian schools, Homeschools and children’s ministries across the USA and beyond.

It was great to hear the different focuses of individual kingdom education expressions, while at the same time noting the unity and common purpose we shared. All the kingdom educators we have connected with have a desire to host the presence of God the Holy Spirit and to help and encourage their students to grow in a personal, vibrant relationship with Jesus.

We have started a facebook page, called Kingdom Education and will be posting videos to share our hearts and insights the Lord has given us in our varying educational settings. We welcome the involvement of any Christian educator, Homeschool parent or Children’s Pastor who would value receiving encouragement and encouraging others.

Isa 2: says that when Jesus is on the earth “He will teach us His ways.” Recognizing Jesus as the Master Teacher, we are asking Him to release in our day and in our time all the practical and creative inspiration and understanding that He will give us.