We had quite an amazing time this past week, all of which was initiated by our 6 year old Grade 1 students, and led by the Holy Spirit.

In times like these the teacher’s role is often, to simply “let the children come to Jesus.” While we teachers always come to Bible class with a plan based upon a clearly outlined curriculum, we also desire to make way for what the Lord wants to do among the children.

Grade 1 Bible Class Testimony

During worship last Wednesday, a child received a picture from the Lord which she asked to share. The picture was about Jesus coming to our Gr. 1 Bible class, touching our hearts, giving us joy, resulting in us crying out to Him. We processed this together and talked about how we can cry out to God in worship, intercession or repentance for example, and what “crying out” means. This somehow prompted another child to tell about “when I asked Jesus into my heart.” This little boy was deeply impacted by his dad’s testimony; “My dad just stopped lying after he asked Jesus into his heart.” Other children then began to share, and I realized I needed to record their comments:

• God gave joy to me when we were worshipping. When I grow up I want to tell people about Jesus all over the world.
• I saw a picture. We were in God’s garden with Adam and Eve. Jesus was standing by the tree. God wanted all of us to see where sin began.
• The enemy came against us all; it was like we were in a dark hole. But Jesus came and told me, “Tell everyone, don’t be afraid. It’s all right. I will break you out of the hole and make you free.”
• The Lord gave me a picture of a toothbrush and toothpaste. I asked Jesus what the picture meant and He said to me, “Obey your parents in the Lord”! (I was slow getting ready for school this morning).
• Another little girl wanted to share about the day she gave her life to Jesus, paraphrased as follows. “I was 5. I was crying in the car because I didn’t know if I would go to heaven. So I repented of my sin and asked Jesus to come into my heart. When I opened my eyes after praying, everything looked new and different! I was really happy.”

During the Bible story (Exod. 3-4:20), we spoke about Jesus as “the Angel of the Lord” who came to Moses at the burning bush, and about why He kept on turning up in the Old Testament. Was it because He couldn’t stay away and even before He became a man, He so deeply desired to be with us? The children grew more and more excited. Some of them began to giggle; some to gently weep, saying, “Jesus is touching my heart.” One child jumped up and spontaneously, loudly burst out, “I am so happy!” Another child put her hand up (her head had been on the desk) and said, “I have just asked Jesus into my heart. Suddenly at least 8 more hands went up saying “I want to ask Jesus into my heart too.”. So we prayed a simple prayer together. One little boy who’d had his head down on his desk for at least 5 minutes said, “When I get home, I am going to go into my room and kneel down by my bed and pray.” I didn’t email his mom about this but later Wednesday evening, mom emailed to say her son came home from school and went straight into his room to pray.

Thank you Lord Jesus, for visiting our Grade 1 Bible class this past week! Come Lord Jesus, to every class and every grade in our school!