We wanted to share a small taste of some of the flavors of our Elementary Assembly, especially with those new to our school. Each morning the Elementary students in Kindergarten through 5th join together with their teachers and teacher assistants for the first half hour of their day, to connect with Jesus. We have JH/HS worship leaders and many of the students Grade 3 and upwards sing on teams.

Our assembly is an opportune time to focus on adoring Jesus in many different and interactive ways, as the children learn that in adoration we speak to Him about His goodness, mercy or omnipotence, for example, thanking Him for each facet of His matchless character.

Our children regularly pray aloud in front of all their peers. They share their own unique love songs to the Lord and we sing along. They practice listening to the Lord and journaling what inspiration or understanding He gives them. They also sing the Bible and they know why this is important and edifying.

We practice worshipping through well known and spontaneous worship songs, singing in English or a heavenly language. We worship by doing actions to songs, by raising our hands to the Lord and through dance.

The children are able to practice praying over one another with uplifting Scriptures and encouraging words they have heard from God the Holy Spirit. Our students learn that any child who has made a response to the gospel of Jesus Christ is filled with the indwelling Holy Spirit. They gain experiential understanding that He, our Helper, teaches us about Jesus, empowers us to live pleasing to God and fills us with His fruits.

Parents are always welcome to join our Elementary Assemblies.