Our Elementary classes had so much fun on their fall field trips this year! Here are a few of their stories:

Our Pre-K Class

went on their first ever field trip to Faulkner’s Ranch. All the parents came along and there was a great sense of community and having fun together. The children loved it!

Our Kindergarten Class

went to the Anita B Gorman Conservation Center. They talked about trees, went on a nature walk and made a craft and then ate lunch outside at the end. The children had such fun exploring the surrounding outdoors, learning so many items are seeds, and touching a real turtle in the indoor classroom. Mrs Delgado commented, “The whole day felt very peaceful which was a gift from the Lord!”

The Grade 2 class went to Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop & Farm

The children got to do laundry as it was done in the 1850s. They ground corn by hand and then fed it to chickens. Then they got to play games that children played 150 years ago.

Grade 4 also went to Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm

The students started by enlisting in the Union Army during the Civil War. Each child had to pledge that he/she would be a good member of the Union Army. They were assigned uniforms and guns and then we learned how to march as a group. They also got to write letters back home from the war front. Then they pretended that they were the ones left at home and were writing to their parents in the war. They had fun writing very intense letters, expressing imaginary, dire situations.


Afterwards we got to see how to work the cannon. We practiced judging distance to shoot our cannon ball by judging its angle.  This was quite the experience for the children. The guide dropped the cannon ball right at the children’s feet so that they were able to feel the impact from the vibrations when it hit.

We later came to a Westward Expansion station, where the children learned how to pack a wagon, how to ride a stagecoach and how to pan for gold. All in all it was an educational experience to remember!