This past week in elementary assembly the students got to hear from and pray over a wonderful young man who is working on an Indian Ocean Island. The students got to hear about his work translating the Bible into the local language, and how he shares the gospel by “storying”. He shared the “Two Kingdoms” story with the students which clearly explains the gospel and gives the listener a chance to respond no matter where they are spiritually.
    We all felt that this was such a wonderful opportunity to stir a desire in the K- Gr 4 student’s hearts to go into the nations, specifically related to Bible translating. A  parent who was at this assembly felt that the Lord showed her as the children were praying for the young man, that the room was full of young, present and future m-workers! We encourage you to ask your students how the Lord worked in their heart regarding the nations.

    While preparing for this time and thinking about how awesome it would be to encourage the students, the Lord had more in store for our guest! The students prayed over him, and spoke words they heard from the Lord over him. They also sang “Let it Rain” over him as a blessing over his ministry. The presence of the Lord was so tangible in the room that morning and it was a blessing to all!