Our school was birthed out of an angelic encounter where a friend of Lauren Fraser, our Principal, felt the Lord tell him, “Tell Lauren to start the Daniel 9:23 school.” He did not know that Lauren’s life verse was Daniel 9:23, expressed as follows:

“At the beginning of your supplications..”

A generation whose first response is prayer out of a life of friendship with God.

“..the command was issued and I have come to tell you..”

God sends angelic help and encounters in response to His children praying.

“..for you are highly esteemed and greatly beloved..”

A generation who knows they are the Lord’s favorite ones and are willing to step into His purposes for them.

“..so give heed to the message..”

God gives us faith to walk out what He is calling us to do.

“..and gain understanding of the vision.”

We are to seek Him as to how we are to influence this generation, bringing God’s power and His ways.

Over the years we have continued to develop the vision and mission of our school.

Our VISION has been birthed out of the Daniel 9:23 encounter

To raise up influential reformers, like Daniel who walked with God, who will bring the Lord’s hearts and ways to all of society.

In 2015 Mrs Fraser had a dream about Jeremiah 1, where she felt a divine commissioning for us all to stand up boldly and speak what the Lord gives us, to not be afraid of opposition, and that He will protect us. 

That dream has become a part of our MISSION:

To build Daniel students, Daniel families and Daniel communities: in other words, influential reformers who are: prayer-filled – hope-filled – and focused, sent-ones

Our VALUES, in other words, how we live out our Mission and Vision, have continued to be important to us over all these 12 years:

Prayer, Excellent spirit, Consecration, Marvelous friends


The Lord is continuing to speak to us. Throughout our first ten years we focused on the first part of Daniel 9:23:

  • Prayer, Encountering God and knowing our identity in Him
For our next ten years we believe we will be building upon this strong foundation to grow in our focus of the last part of Daniel 9:23:
  • In faith and faithfully, bringing the Lord’s power and ways to every part of the culture He calls us to; fully walking in intimacy with God and our identity as greatly beloved ones!