We had a great boys’ soccer season!

This was Coach Elijah Mwansanga’s second year coaching our boys, and he did so well!

Many of the boys who were on our first year team graduated last year, so this was a year of rebuilding and teaching. We were so grateful to have younger, newer players sign up! The entire team was so willing to learn and worked well together. As with anything, there were obstacles along the way: injuries, sickness, rough games, and inexperience were just some of the things our team had to fight this year. However, through prayer, team unity, and our coach, the season was ultimately a success!


One new, fun thing that happened this year was that we were finally able to get some official shirts for our coach! They helped us look professional as a team when our coach could wear a shirt with a TDA logo 😊

The cumulative event of our season was our end-of-season tournament in Springfield, MO. The first day, the boys played 2 games in rain and mud, all while it was only 40°! The next day, they ended up having to play 3 games in cold and windy weather. Their hard work and competitiveness paid off, though, as the team placed first in the Silver Bracket! Senior Captain Joshua Kind was awarded All-Tournament player on our team.

Overall, we had an incredible season. We are excited for how the Lord is going to further our soccer team, and are so excited for the years ahead!