Along with a number of our Junior High and High School students, I had the privilege of serving at our sister school.  We were able to clean the school bus and vans, as well as sort through some super cute logo based products. The school has an amazing marketing team who have acquired some great items that are sold year round.  At Christmas time, they need all of their merchandise counted and organized because sales increase for the holidays.  It was fun to sort through the items and to see all that is available.

We were later able to set up the lunch room for a meal and play with some first graders during recess.  It was a nice way to feel connected to the student body and to see the phenomenal way the teachers interact with the students. 

One very distinct feature of this school is their technique of interacting with their students in a consistent manner with great kindness.  The students appear to respond wonderfully to the methodology that is implemented and there is a sense of calm and security in the rooms.  I believe that this special school is an outstanding model that could be duplicated in similar neighborhoods.  What an honor to serve them!! 

Our sincerest thanks to all TDA families who have shared Thanksgiving meals and Christmas gifts with precious inner city families.

Comments from our students:

  • I loved serving by playing with the students, it was great to grow some relationship with them.
  • It was so cool to see another school and how the teachers have created a great learning environment.
  • The students seemed to be doing so well in a loving, safe and friendly school!
  • We saw so much creativity; decorating the school walls; it was so cool that the school encourages artistic expression.