Its probably the coolest and most fun all-age prayer meeting you’ve been to in awhile. After meeting once per week in the summer and once a month during the school year for at least 5 years, our Sunday afternoon family prayer time is officially comprised of more children and teens than adults! It is amazing to see how we’ve grown over the years.


Led by Jonathan Lee, a TDA dad and board member, our format is interactive and inclusive. We start each time with student led worship: thank you Kay, Juli, Naomi, Brianna, Noah and Rebekah. As we worship, we listen to the Lord. Next we simply go around the circle and hear whatever encouraging words, Scriptures or testimonies each person shares. We then pray together, based upon what has been shared. There is often a common theme that emerges, which is encouraging to us all!  This past summer we found ourselves praying over and over again about our desire for encounter with the Lord. Through adults and children alike, we began to hear that Jesus was asking us to be expectant and to exercise faith that He loves us and wants to visit us this year!


We might prayer walk around the outside of the school, or go to the different wings to pray for the different age groups. We may pray over different individuals who are with us, pray in smaller groups or all lift our voices at once! Sometimes we do prophetic prayer and at other times we simply thank the Lord. One Sunday, we all stood on the Sanctuary stage and prayed in loud voices over our alumni as we faced the North, South, East and West, trusting that the Lord who called them would also keep them close to His heart!
We are so grateful for the children, students, moms and dads who are involved, both in prayer and sharing. This is truly the body of Christ in operation as it was meant to be!
We meet Sundays from 4-5pm the first Sunday of each month. Watch for Mrs Fraser’s weekly updates to confirm the dates and any potential changes.