It has been a wonderful summer vacation time and the 2017-18 school year is nearly upon us. We interviewed a few of our teachers and admin staff to see how they are preparing; here’s what they said:

We started by speaking with Mark French who has a challenging job teaching High School Algebra, Physics, Personal Finance, Chemistry, ACT Prep and more. Mark’s comments really set the tone for the type of school we are. Mark says, “Much of my preparation is spiritual. I am setting this last month aside as a time of consecration where I seek to de-clutter my heart and get back to my first love (Rev. 2:4, Mark 12:30). I am aiming to journal, be in the word and worship daily. I am dedicating this month to the Lord, so that when I come into school it will be with His abilities; so that I can be leaning on Jesus instead of doing the job in my own strength. Every year provides new challenges; there are new classes to teach, new textbooks to work through and new lesson plans to prepare. In the midst of much labor, I am seeking both the joy of the Lord, and to keep a clear focus on the hearts of my students.” What a great exhortation and encouragement to us all, whether teacher, administrator, parent or student!

Sara Rebbavarapu

Sara Rebbavarapu comes to our school from years of serving the poor and orphaned children in India alongside her husband James and their 4 children. Sarah and her children have been working for many weeks in her new classroom, cleaning, painting and organizing many creative corners. Our Grade 2 students will certainly find their classroom exciting and inviting.

Laura Edmondson

Next we asked Laura Edmondson who will be teaching 7th and 8th Grade English, 7th Grade Life Study Skills and 12th Grade Government. Laura says: “In preparation for teaching Jr. High this year, I have been praying for the students and teachers, asking God to have His way in every life. Additionally I’ve been reading through textbooks and working on creative lesson plans. Excitement is growing in me for this year!”

Catherine Capps

Catherine Capps teaches Grade 6 at TDA. For Catherine, painting her classroom, making it fresh and appealing for her students is always a labor of love. Catherine is also working on lesson plans and making a shopping list of exciting materials to enhance the Social Studies, Science & Bible lessons she is preparing for next year.

Our Admins

We do want to take a short paragraph to focus on our office and admin staff, who work so faithfully behind the scenes and who can so easily be forgotten. Shelley Chaulklin who has been a parent, a teacher and now an administrator/intercessor at TDA, is engaged this month in budgeting for teachers and for the school. Shelley is also making final preparations for new families and setting them up for interviews. Christine Diener, our amazing “nurse/mom” who loves, bandages and prays over every child who feels unwell or gets hurt, is currently setting up our new families for their parent hours, ordering and stocking supplies, cleaning and de-cluttering our supply rooms and preparing special stations to welcome each and every one of our treasured parent helpers.

Spiritually, physically and academically, our desire is to prepare well to receive, to serve and to teach the precious gift of each individual K-12 child and young person who graces our hallways this coming year.