During our early April Wednesday assembly, we had a special time of prayer across our school. Upper class-men paired up with the elementary students and we went around to the different stations and prayed for TDA. We prayed for our land, healing, our families, the poor, our city, for friendships and for consecration. At the consecration station we took communion and Mrs. Lee and Mrs. Dodet Fraser talked about giving ourselves completely to God.

I was particularly touched by God at the healing station. I felt like my faith was increased for my our personal healing when my classmates and a couple of fifth graders prayed for me. One of our eighth graders said that he was moved by the way that the second graders prayed with such simple faith. I was reminded that our simple faith is what moves mountains and shifts things in the spirit.

When we arrived at the city station we got to draw pictures of what we thought God was saying over our city. We also prayed for Kansas City and we asked God what was on his heart over our city. One of the words that I got over our city was that God sees potential in our city and that he wants to show mercy. One of my teachers said, “We started in a garden and we end up in a city.” Adam and Eve started in a garden and when Jesus comes back we are going to end up in the New Jerusalem.

The last station we went to we prayed a blessing over each other’s friendships. God wants to mend broken friendships and strengthen good relationships.

Even though there isn’t much time before school ends and summer begins I believe that God wants us to press in. I feel a sense of urgency to cry out to God for revival. I don’t think that God is done with us. God is still speaking to the students at TDA it is just up to us to tune in and listen to him.

Naomi Young