We asked Miss Jasmine, TDA’s Lead Administrator and Mama Extraordinare, some practical questions about her job, vision and heart for our school. We found some amazing insights. Apparently, TDA students, old and young, YOU make it all worthwhile! Here are Miss Jasmines’ responses to our questions:

What specifically does your job entail?

I like to think there are 3 parts to my job- There’s ADMINISTRATION- where I’m responsible for: EL attendance, enrollment, making arrangements for Shadow Day and other meetings, parent follow-up, parent helper scheduling, Saturday club, keeping student immunizations for state reporting up to date and filing those reports to the state, updating medical and family pick-up consent forms, ordering all supplies and more! Then there’s FINANCE- where I input fees and payments for tuition plus extracurricular activities. I also manage schedules and payroll for TDA subs and hired helpers. Last but most certainly not least is CARE- where I have the privilege to help students that don’t feel well, take temperatures, keep up with daily medical needs in special cases, spray peppermint oil for belly aches, patch up boo-boos, wipe tears, pray over (and my personal favorite), LOVE on our sweet students. This job is knowing there’s a long list of things that need to get done but loving enough to put them to the side when one of your sweet babies comes in with a need for love and care.

Do you have a testimony about when you first came to TDA?

We actually moved here from CT in 2015. My husband Lonnie and I had looked at a few schools online before we moved but hadn’t discussed them with our son K’I yet. We honestly weren’t sure what to do. Everything was foreign to us and so we just asked the Lord for help and direction. At the end of our 1st Sunday service here in KC, K’I came to us and said, “I’m supposed to go to The Daniel Academy!” No one told him about the school. We had never mentioned it to him. He just told us what he felt. We truly believed that he had heard from the Lord. We honored that and in less than 2 weeks he was fully enrolled and ready to go. After 4 years with TDA, we can truly see why the Lord has lead us on this path and how he’s actually used TDA to help us grow spiritually, in community and as a family.

What challenges do you face and how can we help?

I am learning to do a lot of new things, many of which are at the same time. Stand with me as I pray (daily, LOL) for wisdom and grace!

What do you love about our school?

I love our family dynamic. I love how intentional we are about taking care of each other. I love that we’re real people with real stuff going on just trying to walk it all out together.

What do you love about our school?

These babies have taught me much about myself. They have helped me to grow in love, mercy and patience. They have helped me to push boundaries in a good way. They’ve helped to increase my capacity; just when I think I can’t anymore, I’m moved by one of them and I can feel the shift. They are strong and brave and funny and they LOVE Jesus! They are my favorite thing about this job.

We love and appreciate you Miss Jasmine!!