When we think of Christian Education, our minds often go to Bible studies and/or Christian based academic subjects.  These are valuable key aspects of a Christian Education.

Today I want to highlight another aspect of Christian Education that may be less obvious, but no less relevant.  I want to present the idea of cultivating the Presence of God as a key aspect of Christian Education. Teaching our students to access the Presence of God is an eternal lesson which will carry a student throughout their lifetime.

Within the ability to create an environment where the Presence of God is key to the daily routine, comes the beautiful opportunity for our students to have a deep intimate relationship with God.  Biblical education alone can easily prepare a student for a religiously sound life; However those students who have a personal encounter with the Holy Spirit are prepared to access more of the promises of God which come only by His Spirit.

Within an environment where worship and prayer are cultivated and where room for the Holy Spirit is priority, students can learn to hear God’s voice, to access God for help with academics, and to cast the burdens of life onto Him.  The Presence of God should not be relegated to a Sunday only blessing. The Holy Spirit will teach students to access this closeness with God daily in transformative ways.

At the Daniel Academy, we have the beautiful privilege of worshiping four times a week with our students.  These worship times go very deep and we usually have a strong sense of God’s manifest presence.  On Wednesdays, the upperclassmen have an extended time of worship and teaching with time set aside for ministry by the Holy Spirit.  We have found that by making room for the Holy Spirit, God is marking these students and they are becoming more and more devoted to Him.