“We can pray to the God who is in charge of everything.”

It is simple adoration such as this that was uttered from a kindergartener that moves the heart of God. Last Wednesday, instead of the usual morning assembly, an hour of this time was dedicated for adoration. The entire school rotated from classroom to classroom. In the high school and junior high wings, different names of God were posted on the doors. We declared that God is omnipotent, just, love, everlasting, and righteous. Different classes engaged in various ways. The most creative one was ninth graders who banged on tables and shouted out the names of God. In elementary what stood out was their eagerness to participate in adoring God and their childlike faith.
When we exalt the name of God, then He comes and inhabits our praises. As we keep putting God first we are going to see the movement of God in greater measures. God is happy that there is a school that values setting aside time for something like this. It is great that we were reseting our gaze on Jesus first thing in the morning. Adoration helps us set our focus on Him.
– Naomi Young