God is near: He has given us glimpses of his glory and of his heart for the whole student body. I have seen a hunger and passion for Jesus in some of my peers that was not previously there. Students have been stepping out of their comfort zones and have felt freedom to sing original songs, dance, and share what Jesus has been speaking to them. Several students have felt the need to lead the high school in casting off everything that might keep us from God and to let go of and surrender some of the junk that we continue to carry around with us. As a result of their boldness, we have had some really amazing morning assemblies.

In addition to the students sharing, We have had some guest speakers come and speak on hearing God, speaking in tongues, maintaining our identity in a confusing world, and fasting. All of these messages have impacted and inspired many students. One of the parents and high school Bible teachers shared about how we, as a school and as Christians, are simply “stargazers” gazing at a beautiful and awe-inspiring God. That is really all that we want to live for.

Every Sunday a small group of families meet together to wait on God, and pray His heart over the school. One of the main themes from the weekly prayer meeting is that God has so much in store for the school, and while He has already done so much, we need to continue to press in to Him and be expectant while we wait for more. Amen to that!

We need Jesus, and we are continuing to ask him to bring revival and to “send the rains” in our everyday morning assemblies, in the hallways, in our classrooms, and in our families.