TDA Internship Program

Our internship model will be a hybrid method designed to provide both the opportunity for students to learn basic work skills and also to work on real-world products or projects.  Some of our students work at fast food restaurants or grocery stores, etc which is fabulous.  The goal for this internship is to expose students to more of the behind-the-scenes activities and the thinking that goes into running businesses, giving them a different experience and set of tools than a typical high school job.

At the end of the internship, our students will 1) receive credit for graduation and 2) be able to list an internship on their resume or college applications (as well as be able to list a specific product or project that they were an integral part of).

Internship Vision

Our goal is to pair our seniors with different businesses and people who we know and trust.  We will then work with the businesses to develop a specific end goal that can result in either a project or product. TDA will be working directly with the businesses throughout the process and also interfacing with our students for a maximized experience.

Design of Program


essential business skills, professional working relationships, terminology, tasks.


observe the company culture, work flow, interpersonal work relationship, and clientele/product.


work on a specific product or project determined by the business.

Communicate Results

be able to articulate the product or project they worked on and their personal contributions to the project.


All seniors will participate in some internship their last year of high school.  The student must be willing to comply with business ethics (e.g. confidentiality, attendance, promptness) and dress codes determined by the type of internship they are involved in.