This past weekend we had our annual Junior High and Senior High Retreat, and everyone had an amazing time. The day was filled with creative and fun team building activities, and each class was able to show some of its personality through fort building, class chants/songs, and posters. Classes participated in scavenger hunts, games of chubby bunny, and a race to break open a block of ice and then clothe a classmate in a frozen shirt and shorts.

In the afternoon, we separated back into our classes. We took some personality tests and had some deep discussions about our class visions and goals for the year. Then, we spent time writing encouraging notes to our classmates on t-shirts. It was so wonderful to be able to reaffirm and love on our class so early in the year.

Throughout the day, many students mentioned being excited for our evening session of worship. The excitement and expectation were very real, and as soon as worship started, Holy Spirit came. A couple students started to dance, and then one freshmen boy was prompted by Holy Spirit to invite all the dancers to the front. It was an extremely powerful time of worship. Two more students shared things that they felt God speak to them about spiritual warfare and the fear of God. Then we heard an amazing message about laying aside things that hinder us from God, and finding identity in Jesus and not in ourselves and our accomplishments.

Afterwards, almost every student participated in an altar call to give God our fear, insecurity, pain, and sin; and to exchange them for freedom and the security of having an identity in God. Later in the night, one of the seniors led a time of prayer for healing, and a few students and a teacher were healed from various back and leg injuries!!! There were also other partial physical healings where the students definitely experienced the touch of God! Others were in tears because of the nearness of God and His love being manifested. Hearts were ministered to and healed. We ended the night with a time of celebratory dance and worship.

The next morning we had an amazing devotional set led by one of our alumni, and the four executive members of the student council shared what the Lord has spoken to their hearts for the year.

Check back in a week to see the amazing dreams that God has placed on the hearts and minds of our four student leaders.