This summer, TDA is going to be converting 2 acres of our land into a paintball field. Our goal is to utilize unused portions of our property during the weekends and other off-peak hours. Project:Paintball can provide TDA with a fun, safe, and revenue generating activity with minimal start up and overhead cost. This initiative coincides with a TDA marketing and entrepreneurship class and field of study. We will be taking students and interns through the basics of how to start up, manage, and market a new business venture.


Project:Paintball at TDA will be the only paintball field within 20 miles, and the only outdoor field within 30 miles. Located at the I-435 and Wornall exit, it is strategically situated to serve the entire KC metro. And while most paintball fields struggle with what to do with their under utilized weekdays, TDA and Project:Paintball are the perfect match to keep our property busy throughout the entire week.

Much of our 18 acres of land is wooded, graded, and otherwise currently not suitable to build upon. We are praying and believing for resources and funds to help us get this land surveyed and mass graded for planning and future construction. But for now, Project:Paintball offers us a way to use the wooded area, with minimal preparation.

June and July will be dedicated to getting Project:Paintball ready to go. We need to:

  • Clear out brush and cut down low hanging branches on 2 acres of land
  • Acquire necessary equipment: paintball kits, air compressors, netting, barricades, and ammo
  • Make ready the large tool/equipment shed
  • Construct benches for a sitting area
  • Website and social media


There is a lot of work to be done! We’ll have a couple of recently graduated seniors on this, but we will also be hosting TDA work days for our whole community to get behind and lend a helping hand. And while startup costs are relatively low, we do still have some. June will be our fundraising month. We are actively looking to raise $15,000, mostly for equipment and landscaping.


Our goal is to have Project:Paintball ready to go by the Fall of 2021, with a soft launch at the beginning of August. We plan on opening only 1 Saturday a month, as a way to build demand and create anticipation. As soon as interest is shown, we’ll be ready to quickly ramp up to 2 Saturdays a month or even every Saturday if necessary. As opportunities arise, we can also handle birthday parties, corporate events, and tournaments throughout the week. 

Fundraising Incentives

  • Ironman Donor – $4000 – Lifetime Membership + 1 companion pass each visit + 200 FREE paintballs each visit
  • Captain America Donor – $2000 – Lifetime Membership + 100 FREE paintballs each visit
  • Ant-Man Donor – $500 – 100 FREE paintballs each visit


The best part of all of this is the money we can make, to support our school, teachers, and students! ALL profits will go towards:

  1. TDA Student Scholarships 
  2. TDA Legacy Fund to supplement teachers/staff salaries
  3. TDA 2.0 Dream Fund