Junior High and Senior High Athletics

I like to work on basic skill development, physical conditioning and team sport dynamics.  I like to expose the kids to a variety of team sports that they may have never played as well, such as kickball, badminton and volleyball. And yes we are blessed to be able to use the new sport track and field at Norte Dame!  The students love it.  We will be doing some track and field activities including sprints, dashes, relays, hurdles and long jumping.  Should be a fun year!

Kristi Leepak

PE Teacher

The Daniel Academy Lions Soccer Team Official Theme Song

Lyrics To Lions

Today we live, today we breathe
Today we know that we are strong when we are weak
Today we trust, we overcome
Take every chain that kept us slaves and throw em’ off
We’re not waiting for permission
We defy our inhibition
Like our middle name is “fearless”
If we’re gonna fly, we fly like eagles
Arms out wide
If we’re gonna fear, we fear no evil
We will rise
By your power, we will go
By your spirit, we are bold
If we’re gonna stand, we stand as giants
If we’re gonna walk, we walk as lions
We walk as lions
Today is ours, it’s always been
Before we face the fight
We know who’s gonna win
We live by faith and not by sight
We don’t want safe and quiet
We don’t wanna run and hide
This is not an intermission
It’s our time, not gonna miss it
You’ve already

TDA Lions Team Schedule

TDA Lions Home Game Grounds

The Daniel Academy Lions Boys Basketball Team

Under Coach Dennis Aldy’s leadership, the Daniel Academy started its very first boys basketball team this year, having both JV and Varsity teams! Our players were Daniel Academy students and homeschoolers! We won a good number of games this first year and our student players grew in skill, strength and teamsmanship.

Starting the basketball team this year was a journey of faith from start to finish. Games were scheduled later than they should have been therefore sports facilities were not as readily available. Yet despite some setbacks, the team saw God’s provision over and over again!

We are most grateful to everyone who came to any of our home games, to Coach Aldy and his family for pouring their time and resources into our school and to Becca Fraser, our excellent team administrator.

We are proud of our first ever team, for coming together in unity and for demonstrating their leadership skills both on and off the court. We look forward to even greater growth and success next year! Go Lions!!


In semester 1, we offer an archery class for high school students, taught by Dennis Aldy. Following is some helpful information regarding Mr Aldy’s vision and objectives for the class.

Skills Taught in Archery Class

The students will learn to develop their mental focus and attention to detail, steadiness, eye-hand coordination and patience.  They learn all the parts of a compound bow, how to set up an archery range, safety rules for archery, and “11 steps to a great bow shot”.
Archery does not require a particular or special athletic skill, though it does build up shoulder muscles. A student of any skill level can learn to shoot accurately with time. 

Character Development

Mr Aldy shares: “By using Psalm 127:3-5, I teach that children (including our TDA students ) are a gift from the Lord, compared to an arrow to be released by their warrior parents for the ultimate goal of hitting the mark dead center of the target.  I define “hitting the mark dead center” as each one fulfilling the purpose God created them for.  Therefore, we need our parents to train/instruct/correct us so that we become a great arrow;  straight and sharp and able to hit the mark.  I also teach the students about 10 different character qualities we can choose to exemplify in order to hit “the mark” of what God created us to be.  These character qualities include: Loyalty , Servant Leadership, Honesty, Integrity, Purity, Excellence, Humility, Self Discipline, Kindness and Perseverance.  With each character quality we discuss bible verses and practical “how to’s” to live those qualities out daily.

Mr. Aldy Comments on the History and His Love of Archery

The history of archery goes way back from it being a primary weapon to it’s role in popular, current movies.  Archery is valuable because of the self-esteem that can be easily built.  Archery can also be used to learn how to hunt wild game for the purpose of providing food for the family.  These are great lifelong lessons and skills to master for the future.  

I love archery because of the focus required to make a great shot and the rewards of consistently making great shots.  I am an avid bow hunter; I enjoy being in nature and providing food for my family.  As a young man and now a parent, I have found that passing on a love of and knowledge of hunting or any other outdoor skill is powerful in the life of a young adult.  

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