Innovation and Entrepreneurialism

World Changers

We know that our students today are going to be the world-changers of tomorrow. We believe many of our students will have unique inventions or business ideas to launch. We are intentionally creating an environment of innovation, exploration and idea-generation in our classrooms.

Innovation Business Fair

We have an Innovation Business Fair in the spring, where our students create, market and sell either their product or service. Parents and friends come and purchase the amazing things the students have created. (This year’s top winner went to a first grader for an invention that was actually shown later on the television program Shark Tank!)

Entrepreneurial High School Class

We also have an entrepreneurial high school class where students can hear from a variety of local innovators and business leaders. They learn how to take an idea and form a business, including writing a business plan, researching marketing, analyzing costs, etc.

Summer Internships

Our goal is to place our students in wonderful local companies in summer internships to get real-life experience. South Kansas City is currently exploding with new businesses moving to the area and there is a great demand for local students to stay and build long-term with these companies.
One idea from one student can radically change the world we live in. Why not let it come from a young one who loves the Lord and desires to bring impact in their world?