Our Goal

Identity in Jesus


In this class, students strengthen their identity in Jesus, discovering who they are and how He has made each one!  Our goal is that the foundation of each student knowing their identity will be strengthened and so that they will know how to faithfully develop the specific giftings given them by God.

Students will discover and recognize some of the key Bible verses/themes/passages/characters that the Lord has highlighted in their life. This will lead them to form a current life message about what God is doing in and through you. Then each student will PREACH the message!  There is an anointing on and a blessing to declaring the message of what God is already doing in our lives!

Students will also begin to explore their unique giftedness set, including  spiritual gifts, natural abilities and acquired skills as they learn to be faithful to all the good gifts the Lord has given them. They will be collecting significant items that show and describe their journey and which they can look back on throughout the years, all to testify of the Lord’s faithfulness.

Prayer forms a significant part of our Senior Foundations class. Students will pray into their own identities and gifting as well as  regularly praying for each other and asking what is on God’s heart for their classmates. They will practice giving and receiving declarations of who each one is in Christ, and how God sees them, to bring encouragement and strength to their foundational identity.

Mrs. Lee

Mrs. Lee

Senior Foundations Teacher

Here is a prayer from the Senior Foundations Teacher, Mrs. Lee: “My prayer is that you will be grounded in the Word and in the things that God has done and spoken in your life.  May your roots be deeply grounded in His Word and in your identity in Him…may you finish WELL and be launched out WELL to continue to fulfill the dreams that God has for you!!!”