Assemblies and the 7 Mountains

Assemblies and the 7 Mountains

One of our school’s greatest priorities is to bring many high-caliber people in various realms of influence to interact with our students. This has also become one of our greatest joys. Through this exposure to a variety of people, stories and industries, we want to give glimpses to our students of the many options available to them as they pursue God in their callings. We’ve had doctors, professional sports players, entrepreneurs, actors, missionaries and many more come and speak to our students.

Guest Speakers

We’ve had the honor of having Rick Santorum address our families and students about the importance of family and of education. We have hosted a city-wide high school Call2All conference and where Loren Cunningham, with Youth With A Mission, and Steve Douglas, with Campus Crusade, came and imparted their love for Jesus and reaching the lost.


We’ve had inventors share about the unique devices they invented for missionaries. We’ve had entrepreneurs who have started local and international businesses tell their journeys with their successes and failures.


We’ve had missionaries from Zimbabwe, India, China, Mozambique and other countries. We’ve had Brother Yun, Peter Xu and Father Anton visit us. We’ve hosted the leaders of Heidi Baker’s orphanage school and met with underground teachers in China who are planting schools.

Our students have had the opportunity to pray for the famous and the humble, counting it all joy to encourage visiting friends. And we’ve been able to give ideas for ways our students can and will impact the world.