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No…Google is not paying us to say these things! But we do recommend using Google Chrome as your web browser for our online school. The integration between Google Chrome AND Classroom, Drive, Meet, Docs, etc…is seamless. In addition, the chrome extensions that we use are critical.

Not only do we recommend using Google Chrome as your default web browser for online school, we recommend you dedicate Google Chrome, to be used exclusively for online school. Do your normal web browsing in another web browser, like Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari. Why?…it helps make sure you log into your Google Classroom and G-Suite account with the right login. Most of us have multiple emails and user accounts, and by dedicating one web browser to online school, it keeps us from running into mistakes associated with being logged in as the wrong user.

If you have multiple users using the same web browser to do online school…be AWARE of which user you are signed in as! That way, you don’t accidentally send an email or log into a Google Meet as the wrong person.

Emojis – Use Them!

This may seem like an almost superficial suggestions. However, when it comes to online school, and how we were literally forced into this situation, any personal touch can go a long way. Emojis, when used appropriately, can break up the monotony of our digital interactions. We use the Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels – Chrome Extension.

Emoji Keyboard by JoyPixels – Chrome Extension – Direct Link

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